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Best of aviation, companionship, friendship, fun and professionalism within the framework of flight simulation in an environment where you can share your experience with other pilots in our Teamspeak server, enjoy the best routes, tours, events, IVAO, VATSIM and Off-Line flying.


We want to encourage all women who want to be Pilot or ATC to join our VABird company. It may seem to be a complex process, but we have done everything we can to make it as clear and easy to understand as possible and where you will be offered all the support and help needed to get it.

Undoubtedly Bird VA is your virtual airline.


We are united by friendship and companionship Your best experience

After 5 great years of companionship, operations, fun, professionalism and enthusiasm, VA Bird has gone a step further with a new look, new website, new reporting system, new VA management.

We can not possibly give you everything you want, but if you need.

Thank you from the Staff of Bird VA


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José Luís
Bird Va is merging several feelings where friendship and cfellowship grows everyday.

Bird VA Co-Founder
Alejandro López
After long wait I have found a dynamic and friendly airline.

Web Designer and Campaign Worker