This section describes the registration process detailed in the company.

The site for legal issues of data protection as by law 15/1999 of 13 December on Data Protection, provides a double applying form process, one for the web itself, where you can access downloads, forum and other applications, and another applying form as a pilot to participate in the operations of the virtual airline and the corresponding tracker.

Web applying form

- Members Access menu and "Create an account".
- Once the account created, login to web site in the same menu Members Access, which you must use your username and password with which you previsoulsy registered.
- In case you have problems with registration, please send an email to birdva [at]

Virtual Airline Apllying Form / Tracker, PIREPS

Once logged in as a user on the web follow these steps:

- Operations Menu and Tracker submenu.
- Register (Top right corner button).
- Once registered a member of our staff will assign you a callsign (This callsign will be the username to login in the Bird VA system VBDxxx).
- Once the application form is approved you will receive a confimation email.
- Log in to the Bird VA System. Pilot Actions Menu / Donwloads and SIM/VAM Acars link.

Tracker /SIM ACARS Configuration

- Go to the Downloads menu and submenu Tutorials section.
- Once there, you will find four documents, download the two videos on how to perform scheduled and charter flights, after that download PDF ACARS Sim Set in Spanish or English. Video tutorials are in spanish.