• ATC Training

    The ATC training (Air Traffic Controller) is aimed at users who not only want to operate as pilots in our company, but also as air traffic controllers on the IVAO network.
    Bird VA has an experienced instructor in who will provide a lot of knowledge and at the same time be able to understand from the point of view as air traffic controller the difficulties of this assignment and coordinate various aircrafts in airspace, including visual and instrumental flights.

  • VFR Training

    Any piloyt who enters for first time in the world of flight simulation, must perofrm visual flight procedures, known in the aeronautical field as VFR (Visual Flight Rules).
    The company has an instructor who will guide and provide guidance to offer the best, and soon you can fly as pros, with dynamic and total security not to mistake the procedures required by this flight mode.

  • IFR Training

    Instrument flight training in aeronautical terms known as IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), is already an important step in terms of aeronautical flight knowledge, which allows operations with adverse weather conditions and even with no visibility.Most commercial operations are based on these procedures, which require greater skill, concentration and experience in this area.Our company has two experienced and highly qualified to instructors with full guarantees.

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